Sully Saturdays # 7

Silly Sully Photos


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Mom has been a little photo happy the last couple of weeks. Every time I would come and hang out with her she would take photos. Some of them were pretty cool, others ehh, not so much.

So here they are.


This set she was using the low light setting on the camera. It was night-time and she had the electric lights on. That is why these look orangey. I guess she was practicing extreme close-ups or she really thinks I have a very handsome nose. She might have just been trying to get a nice eyes wide open shot too. I have a nice smile in the extreme close up of my nose though.


This set she didn’t use the low light setting and no flash. I think it was early evening so there was still a bit of sunlight coming in the windows.

The first photo she caught me being lazy after my bath. I forgot to pull my tongue in. The rest are just nice photos of me staring off into space or staring Mom in the face wondering why she is taking photos again.


I was napping on Mom’s lap on this sunny afternoon.


I was trying to get Mom to pet me but she wouldn’t. She was working on a new coozie frisbee so I started messing with the yarn. Instead of petting me and giving me skritches she put the frisbee on my head. I guess she thought it would make me a nice little hat.

I was not amused.

She  knows I don’t like to model hats, so I ran to the end of the bed to lay down and pout.

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