Coozie Indoor Frisbees

Have just been flying off my hook!

Pattern used For all of the frisbees: Coozie LB0577 by Lion Brand Yarn

I have been in a frisbee frenzy mode the last few weeks. Once I got the hang of this pattern I changed it up a little. Some of the outer rounds were stitch one of a color stitch one of another color. I got tired of doing this so I just did one color rounds. I showed my Sunshine Coozie Frisbee that I was going to put up for sale to Nick and he said it looked like it should go to Justin. So that is where it went.


When I got to doing Kay’s frisbee I just made sure I had the proper number of stitches per round and did color changes as they came to me.
I finished one for Kay yesterday and was able to deliver it to her today.




The one for sale I  worked up between Justin’s Sunshine frisbee and  Kay’s frisbee. I worked it up in pinks, from my seemingly endless supply in my yarn stash, a sparkle white and a cream color.

After each frisbee was finished I would wet block it. Most people just wet it and lay it flat between towels and put some weight on it because the middle tends to pop up. I would wet mine then stretch them over one of Nick’s plastic frisbee golf discs. Then lean it against one of the furnace vents on the floor against the wall to dry. That is what drew me to this pattern in the first place. The kids all enjoy going frisbee golfing.



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