Do you like Blue, Stripes, and Checks?

Then I have a beanie for you!


9 Blue Stripes Beanie

Hook size used: K/10 1/2 – 6.50 mm
Stitches used: Double crochet for the crown alternating colors on same round increasing from 12 double crochets to 72 in 6 rounds.
Single crochet for the sides alternating colors every 5 stitches for 2 rounds opposite color for one round. First  round of alternating color is double crochet the next 9 rounds of alternating color are single crochet. Last 3 rounds are single crochet same color.
Colors used: RedHeart Super Saver Jumbo 14 oz. 744 yds. 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted
0387 Soft Navy (Dark Blue)
0381 Light Blue

If blue is not your color, I have several other beanies.


I also added this new photo to this listing, an average head circumference chart.

I hope it will help people determine if the hat will fit them.

So this beanie should fit a preteen through an adult woman’s head.

00 Average Head Circumference Chart

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