Sully Saturdays # 8

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Working on Wednesdays

I have been helping Mom out a lot lately. The last two Wednesdays I have been especially helpful.

Last Wednesday I was helping Mom will she was computering on the laptop. I jumped up on her lap. I was making sure she was doing it right. She thought I wanted some attention. (Which I did but can’t let on that I did cause you know, I am a cat.) So she starts petting me and giving my neck and chin some scritches. I have a  problem when I get scritches I start to drool because it just feels sooo good. Well then she hit that spot that causes me to flick my head because it was feeling just a bit too good. Yep, you guessed it, I flung that drool all over the laptop keyboard.

Mom says, ” Sully! Eww! Yuck! ” but she was laughing as she said it. She knew it was her fault for scritching me in that one spot. She then set me down on the floor and got a napkin and wiped down the keyboard.

The Wednesday before that I was helping Mom hold down this yarn. It was just not staying still, moving all over the place. Mom wasn’t going to get any crocheting done with it doing that. So you see I was very helpful.

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