Legos and Mega Blocks Not Just For Kids.


Some of my favorite memories are playing and building things with the kids. Even David got down on the floor to build with them. My son, Nick was very interseted in them and became quite the builder. I got him a Mega Blocks Tank for his birthday or Christmas  when he was 7. I helped him build it. The next year I got him a pick up truck, he built that one himself and has been building ever since. Once he starthed earning his own money he started buying the kind of kits that he was most interested in.

He now has lots of them. He has several Bionicle kits, a couple of The Lego Movie kits, and some based on the video game Minecraft kits. He also has a couple of Mega Blocks kits based on the video game featuring Spyro the Dragon. Each of these came with a Spyro figure. He knew I liked Spyro so he gave me the extra one.

A while back he bought a set of multi colored Lego bricks. There was a bag of pink and purlple ones. He gave that to me cause he new I liked those colors. He told me to build something for my Spyro figure.

So last night I did just that.

This is what I came up with.


1d spyro garden throne

I think it turned out pretty cute.

I will never be on par with these fellows that each built a replica

of the 890 ft US warship USS Missouri.

So do you still enjoy doing a good build?

5 comments on “Legos and Mega Blocks Not Just For Kids.

  1. Legos are the BEST! I worked as a pre school teacher for a little while a couple of years ago, and one of my favourite times of the day was when the kids napped and I could play with their legos!!

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  2. Ah Legos and mega blocks. I built things with my daughter, now I build things with my granddaughter. My daughter and granddaughter have a big collection of legos and mega blocks. Life is fun even for us older folks when we get down on the floor, play, and let it be fun. You did a good job on Spyro’s Garden Throne.

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