Sully Saturdays # 9 Two Baths In A Day!

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I was having a lovely day minding my own business on the bed enjoying the sunshine.

I thought it would be a nice spot to enjoy a warm bath also.


Mom comes in later and she says, “I am gonna give you a bath today, I have been telling you that you need one for a couple of weeks now. ”

I am thinking I just took a nice warm bath in the sunshine here. If you recall I came to live with my human family in March of 2006 I was probably about 4 to 6 months old. So I am getting on in age, around 10 years now. So like any aging person I have had trouble doing somethings now. I don’t jump as well as I did when I was younger. I am also not as flexible as I  once was. And yes I have gained some around my middle. Well because of that I can’t always reach my rear end to give it a proper cleaning. This is why Mom said I needed a bath.

So she grabs me up and takes me into the bathroom, she closes the door, now I have no route for escape. Now I have had this kind of bath before but it was a looooong time ago. She turns on the faucet thing to adjust the water temperature. She turns that other knob so the water is now coming out of the hand-held nozzle. Then she puts me in the tub. She does not plug it though. She learned a from experience not to do that. It makes us kitties think we are gonna drown. She starts to spray me down this is not so bad. Then she puts some soap on a wash cloth and starts to rub me down. This is when I start to cry and meow like she is killing me. If you recall Mom had told you that I mostly just squeak. But this was some serious stuff going on, so I found my “She is killing me” voice. Well I tried to get out of there but Mom had a good grip on my scruff. I did get a claw into her shoulder pretty good. Then I just kept grabbing her shirt every chance I could. She gently removed my claws from her shoulder and her shirt.

That is when Dad came in to see what was all the ruckus. He then knelt down beside Mom and petted my head. He was telling me I was ok talking to me to comfort me and calm me down. Mom finished scrubbing me and rinsed me off. She then wrapped me in two towels and rubbed me dry as best she could. Then she let me out of the bathroom.

I went out into the kitchen and had a bit to eat. That helped me calm down some more. Then I sat in a spot of sunshine and dried my feet. I was a bit mad at Mom for this bath experience. So I went back to the bedroom to be alone for a while. Mom came back later and put me on my window table and brushed me. It helped my fur dry and it felt good. It also helped me forgive Mom for the bath. I know have soft, nice smelling fur.


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