Slow Sales and A Beanie for My Oldest Brother

Sales were really slow in January on Ebay as of today between myself and David’s listings we have sold 6 items. The one item I sold was not even a crochet item it was a book. David sold 3 books, a vhs box set of tapes, and one other item. I have 64 crochet items listed. I thought sales would pick up once winter really took hold. Well I am not going to add to the inventory. I have decided to work on gifts for family members for a while. First up was this beanie for my oldest brother, Jay. If you recall I made a similar beanie earlier. It was supposed to be for Jay but it turned out too small for a man. So I wore it for a while then put it up on Ebay. This was my second attempt I think it turned out well. I hope he likes it.
Pattern used: Crochet Rainbow Ear Flap Hat by Amy Lehman from Crochet Jewel Amy’s Creative Creations
I wanted to make a men’s beanie. I was familiar with this pattern. So it was easy for me to make alterations.
I used the K hook to achieve the larger size for the crown of 6 rounds with 72 stitches.
The sides were *6 dc of MC 0387 Soft Navy (Dark Blue) Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo
6 dc of CC 0381 Light Blue Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo
alternating on same round for two rounds
then one round 6 dc of CC, 6 dc of MC
Repeat from *3 times for a total of 9 rounds.
I carried the yarn along and single crocheted the color change because the carried along strand didn’t fit in well when I dc the color change.
I used a new stitch for me on the edge, the reverse single crochet.
122 Jay's Beanie colored


What are your thoughts? :D

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