Martin’s Heart Slouchie Beanie


I saw this pattern the other day and I knew I just had to make it for Martin for Valentine’s Day.

It was a front post double crochet stitch, I still had not gotten this stitch figured out. So I decided to just do it as a double crochet stitch. Well as those of you that do crochet know the double crochet will be longer than a front post double crochet. The fpdc pulls the yarn close and forms a ridge. When it was all done I was pleased that I actually got the heart to look like a heart, but as you can see it ended up being a slouchie.

I took it over to Martin yesterday. He liked how soft it was. I let him just play with it after I showed it too him and explained how I made it. He listened well.

Kay put it on him. She thought is was the cutest. Now she wants a mommy sized one. My plan was to make them for Dave, Nick, Kay, Justin and myself. It may take a while.

After I finished this one, I decided I would try again to conquer fpdc. So I found and watched several Youtube videos. I then started a new beanie doing the fpdc. I don’t know why I had so much trouble with it before. I think that the first time I tried it the project was too small and it was fairly early in my 4th forray into crocheting.

So here is the pattern:

Bubblegum Heart Beanie by Amanda Evanson from MNE Crafts From her “The Emy Collection – Emy’s Beanie”

I used Caron Simply  Soft yarn in 9701 White and 9712 Soft Blue

The edge is single crochet using a strand of each color.


Here is the one I started using the fpdc.

I am using Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in 0319 Cherry Red and 0311 White


This is the right (outside) side of the beanie.

I am carrying the red along. I need to find a different way of doing it so the red  doesn’t show through all the way around. I don’t want to break off and reattached for 3 red stitches then 5 white then 3 red again at the start of the heart. That would just be too many ends to weave in and would look untidy. I will figure something out. 🙂


This is the wrong (inside) side of the beanie.

This shows  the ridges.

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