Wrist Warmers for Oldest Brother, Jay


I made them to match his blue beanie. I thought to make him some warmers because he has his computer room set up in the basement. Warmers would be ideal because they leave your fingers free so you are still able to type.  🙂 I think basements are always cold no matter what.
The yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo 14 oz.
The Colors:
0381 Light Blue and 0387 Soft Navy (Dark Blue)
The Hook: J/10 – 6.00mm

This is the pattern I used:
One-Hour Wrist Warmers By: Jaime Maraia from Crochet Dynamite

The pattern called for a G hook. I used the J hook because I crochet tight and the warmers were for a man.
I altered the pattern in the following ways.

I added a cuff to make them longer.
I chained 11 sc in second chain from hook * sc across row ch 1 repeat from * for 26 rows. Sl st ends together. Work sc in each of the row ends for first round of the warmer. I worked the pattern in reverse as it starts with the palm and I was starting at the wrist. I worked 2 rounds sc then 2 rounds in hdc. The final round was reverse single crochet. I single crocheted around the thumb hole.

123 Jay's Hand Warmers colored

What are your thoughts? :D

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