Another Cap for My Pap

43c Crazy Cap for Dad


The reason I call it that is because my dad more than likely will think it is crazy for him to wear a cap with such a colorful band in it. Hopefully though he will wear it because it was made with love by his only daughter. 😀

I chose this pattern because of my new-found confidence in my ability to do the front post double crochet. I had originally chose this to make a cap for Kay. But then I learned that I was having nothing doing at figuring out that darn stitch. So I put it in my pattern binder for future use.

The Pattern:

Mens Crochet Ball Cap Or Simple Baseball Cap
by Debi from

Hook Used:

J/10 – 6.00 mm

Colors Used:

Red Hear Super Saver accent

4 oz. 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight

in 0361 Putty for the body and brim


Red Heart Super Saver

5 oz. 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight

in 3939 Blacklight

for the  “band ” and trim


Double crochet

Front Post Double crochet

and Single crochet for the trim


The first three photos are some in progress.

43g Crazy Cap for Dad

3 comments on “Another Cap for My Pap

      • I posted about this cap and a photo as a visitor to Debi from DearestDebi’s Facebook page. She then shared it to her timeline with the following text: “Love the colour changes Skrappy Skarves made to my mens ball cap.” A day or so later I was adding some things to my Ravelry site and recieved this message from her:
        We’d love to feature your photo on the Ravelry page for Mens Crochet Ball Cap by Debi Dearest.
        I was so excited the designer of the pattern liked my cap well enough that she wanted it as a feature photo for her design pattern page. Whoot woot. I told her she could use it and thanked her. It is awesome exposure!

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