Sully Saturdays # 10

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Today Mom dug out my harness and lead because I have been sniffing and looking at the doors to the outside.

She put my harness on me. I forgot how it felt to have it on but Mom said if I wanted to go outside I had to have it on. She set me on the ground. I looked around a bit and saw the neighbor guy. I didn’t know him or know what he would do so I ran under something familiar. That big noisy house car thing. Mom calls it BOB the RV. She says to me that she didn’t bring me out to hide under Bob so she gave me a little tug.

I decided I would go check out the front deck then. I was calming down because I found a bit a catnip to sniff. Mom didn’t let me do that for long she picked me up and put me in the grass under the clothes line.


Bob and the Grassy Area

Mom Sat me down in.

this is an old pic.

I sniffed around there for a few minutes and I found a dropped turkey feather. I gave it a couple of good sniffs. I was then distracted by the chickadee in the tree. This was all just too much excitement for me. I headed back over to the front deck and up the stairs to the front door. I wanted back inside. Mom rang the door bell so Dad unlocked it so we could come back in.  Mom says she will start taking me out in my harness and lead more often now that it is getting warmer. I think I can get used to it again so I can walk around the yard with Mom without having her tug me.

Can you believe I used to spend hours and hours outside, now it scares me.  I was made an inside cat, because I stayed outside all night long too many times and I was wandering across the county road getting way to close to the highway. So Mom and Dad decided it was time I became an indoor cat.

I have adjusted to being inside pretty well. I get to lay on Mom’s chest anytime and get scritches. I like when she does that. It makes me so happy I purr and purr like a motor boat what ever that is. And then I just can’t control myself I start to drool, I believe I have mentioned my drooling problem before. Mom was able to finally get you some photographic evidence of my problem on Thursday.

I also continue to assist Mom in her crocheting endeavors. Thursday she needed my help wrapping this skein of camo yarn into a ball. The skein was getting loose and prown to tangling.

Sully 75

After we got done with this Mom began working on a visor for my nephew Martin. He is that small baby thing I have only sniffed at once or twice.  Any way Mom just finishing it up about 4 hours later and I wanted my scritches so I laid down on her chest. She tied up the loose ends and weaved them in. She then decided I needed to model it since I was right there. Well you all recall how much I LOVE modeling…. NOT!

Sully 76

What are your thoughts? :D

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