Sully Saturdays # 11

Sully saturday banner

Mom has been keeping her promise to take me outside more. I still am not too sure about going for the walks. I am trying to get use to wearing my vest and leash. I don’t like it. I don’t want to move in it. I want to just lie down. If I do walk in it I creep low to the ground in it. I am getting better though.

I really only want to go outside just to lay in the catnip at the bottom of the steps and chew on a bit of grass. Mom says I need to walk though to help me loose some of my tummy. So she lets me do this for a few minutes then she gives me tugs so I will walk around the yard with her.

On one of my outings Mom used another old leash and tied me to the handrail by the stairs. She didn’t think I wanted to go anywhere anyway. She did some leaf raking just around the corner from me. She looked over every few minutes to see that I was still ok. I got enough catnip so I thought I would be a little brave and smell around at other things. Well  I tugged enough and was able to escape my vest and leash. I was just going under BOB when Mom noticed I was loose. She came after me and was trying to pick me up. I stayed just out of reach. I was near BOB’s front tire when she almost had me. Then something startled me so I ran up the side steps. I waited for Mom to let me inside. That was enough outside for that day.

Mom says she is gonna try to crochet me a different kind of harness and leash. She is still thinking how she wants to go about it, though. She got some old key rings and some lanyards at the Senior Citizens Garage Sale a few weeks ago. She will use the rings,hook clips, and plastic snap thingys from them. She will get it figured out.

So any way Mom took a bunch of photos of me on one of my outings. It shows just how much I have been enjoying the catnip at the foot of the stairs.

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