Kay’s Heart Slouchie

46 Kay's heart slouchie


The pattern I used:

Bubblegum Heart Beanie or Emy’s Beanie

by Amanda Evanson from MNE Crafts

Hook used:

I/9 – 5.50 mm

Stitches used: Double crochet, Half double crochet, and Single crochet.

Colors used:

0312 Black Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo

0784 Bon Bon Print Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo

100 % Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight yarns

My daughter liked Martin’s Blue heart slouchie beanie so much she wanted one for herself. I had not yet mastered the fpdc so I did Martin’s just as a double crochet beanie. DC is a lot longer than a fpdc. So it ended being a slouchie.
On this Slouchie I did 6 increasing rounds then went directly to crocheting the heart. I carried the heart color instead of cutting and rejoining. I did this cause my daughter thought that the heart color peeking through the black looked cool. I agreed.
When the heart graph was complete I did 4 rounds dc in black. I then did a round of sc with a strand of each color held together. I fastened off the black and did a round of hdc and a round of sc in the bon bon print.

What are your thoughts? :D

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