Bucket Hats All Around!

I made this cute little fishing bucket hat some time ago for Martin.

121Martin's Fishin Hat 12-18 months colored

Martin’s Fishing hat for when he gets bigger.


I found another pattern for a men’s sized pattern for a bucket hat that I liked.

So I made one for Justin and one for Kay that matched Martin’s.

They will all look so cute when they are out fishing!

This is the pattern I used for all the adult sized bucket hats.

Men’s Summer Bucket Hat by Sara Sach from Posh Pooch Designs

First up is Justin’s Hat.

HOOK USED: I/9 – 5.50 mm

Stitches: Double crochet, single crochet and slip stitch

Colors: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in 0334 Buff

Red Heart Super Saver in 0365 Coffee

Both yarns are 100% acrylic 4 ply worsted weight.

The pattern for the cord and little fishy were from this pattern.

Chameleon Hat Gone Fishin’ by Maria Bittner from Pattern Paradise

Now Kay’s Hat.

Colors: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in 0334 Buff

0575 Hyacinth Red Heart Super Saver accent

I added a ruffle to her hat

by doing * sc in next 5 sc,  5sc in one sc repeat from * around.

And finally my hat.

Colors: Two used medium balls of unlabeled cream/off white I got from my mother.

0779 Cranberry Red Heart Super Saver accent

I also did a ruffled trim on my hat in the same fashion as Kay’s.

49c My Bucket Hat

I asked Nick and David if they wanted bucket hats.

Nick is not really much of a hat wearer and he doesn’t fish, but I asked anyway.

David is happy wearing his camouflage cap with the built-in light in the bill for fishing.

It is great for all the night fishing we do.

4 comments on “Bucket Hats All Around!

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