My Followers Number

Now It’s Up oh, wait a minute, Now It’s Down! Nope, Back Up Again!

Capture girl yoyo

That is exactly what it has been doing the last couple of weeks. It has been 179 for quite sometime. Then one day it is 180. I say to my self “Yea, an even number again”. The next day I am back to 179. Stays that way for a few days then back up to 180. I am not really worried about it.Ā Ā  I didn’t start this blog to get thousands of followers. Although I sometimes wonder what made the person leave after only a day. I am glad that I have the ones that I do and they find my blog interesting enough to stick around. I just happen to notice every once in a while I hit a spell where my follower number likes to be a yo-yo.Capture yoyo hand


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