Sully Saturdays # 12

Sully saturday banner


Mom finally got around to  making my new collar. She had to finish up some bucket hats first. She made this one in Red Heart Super Saver 0886 blue. She used a 4.25 mm hook and the half double crochet stitch. She got the clip from one of the lanyards she got at the Senior Citizen’s Garage Sale a few weeks back.

She says it will be my indoor collar.

I sure do look handsome in it.

Sully 92

She will make me an outdoor collar using the hardware from this old collar.

She needs the silver loop so she can attach my leash.

collar 3

Not much else going on. I want to go outside.

I go to the front door and look up at the door knob, then look at Mom.

She says it is icky and cold out. I don’t believe her.

So she opens the door and lets me look.

Yep, its icky out.

I guess I will have to stay in and hang out with Mom.

Sully 91

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