The Start of Something New A Granny Square Blanket for Martin

                      And An Old WIP

I saw this pattern on All Free Crochet for a Double Diamond Baby Blanket it gave me ideas for making my first granny square blanket. I had found a similar granny square pattern in the following Kindle e-book “How to Crochet 16 Quick & Easy Granny Square Patterns” I chose the Solid Granny Square pattern by Tamara Kelly from Moogly. This is a free pattern book. I was having trouble with the written directions for both of these patterns, so I found this Youtube video “How To Crochet A Solid Granny Square For Beginners” by Bella Coco . It is a different technique than the one given in the blanket pattern and the one by Tamara Kelly. I was able to understand it and follow along. I did go to Tamara’s blog and found a video tutorial for her pattern. I now understood her directions after seeing her video, but I had already had six squares made using Bella Coco’s technique. No need to change boats in mid stream. So I read 3 different patterns and watched videos for 2 of them so there is more than one way to make a solid granny square. I picked the one that worked for me. 🙂

I am going to make it in orange, black, and green. I will arrange the squares in a jack o’ lantern pattern. It will have 6 rows of 5 squares each. I am using  a H/8 – 5.00 mm hook and Double crochet stitch, and slip stitch. I have the one green square, one black square and 4 orange squares done. That completes the first row.

This is the layout for the rows.

O = 255 Burnt orange Red Heart Hand Knitting

G = 0368 Paddy green Red Heart Super Saver

B = 0312 Black Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo






Martin's Jack o lantern blanket wip

Kay gave me some greyish/black fleece material that will make a perfect backer for it.   I have looked at a couple of videos on different ways to join the squares just to get some ideas about that. I still have plenty of time for researching the best method for me. It will be for Martin’s 1st birthday present from me.

I have also been working on another WIP.

Do you remember this ole thing? Purple hooded scarf

This is the hooded scarf I started back in December.

I have been working on it off and on between small projects.

I think I am down to my last 5 rows.

I then will flip-up the last 6 – 8 inches of the scarf part to make the pockets.

I think I will work on it steady now and maybe have it finished in about a week or so.

3 comments on “The Start of Something New A Granny Square Blanket for Martin

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  2. One of my fav crochet things is granny squares! Can do/take them anywhere, and can make a million things with them. I made a long cardigan for my daughter (went in the fire boo hoo – excuse to make another one – hee hee) and had several people want one. Cant wait to see when you are done!! You make such beautiful and fun things!!


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