Stocking A Toy Box for Martin


I finally started getting toys and a toy box for Martin here at our house. I wanted to do this so that he has toys here and Kay doesn’t have to drag stuff with her every time they come out for a visit. Kay and I found some good stuff at the Senior Citizen’s Garage Sale yesterday.

Kay found some really cool blocks for Martin.

They each have different things in them.

There were 16 of them so she said I could take half for my toy box for Martin.

She also found this play ring which has a c-clamp, Crescent wrench and an open end wrench.


Kay found this floor gym so I bought it for $2.00.

I also bought him a nice little receiving blanket for 50 cents.

We us them to wipe his drooly slobbers and he likes to chew on them.

Kay also bought 13 onesies and shirts for a quarter each practically a new wardrobe.

Cute Little Monkeys!

                        Cute Little Monkeys!

We just received 3 boxes of items from David’s, Uncle Leo’s estate.

They had these plush animal key chains which we thought Martin would enjoy.

And this plastic hand clapper thing.


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