David’s Spring Cleaning Projects

And why I am glad he is doing one of them.


As I mentioned in previous posts, David has been able to get outside and work on projects.

He went out to the shed the other day to get the worm bedding for the worm box and he has not looked back since. He has been cleaning stuff out, reorganizing his urban prospecting inventory, and cleaning up the shed. I don’t have any before photos because it was a spur of the moment, spontaneous, got the motivation going project. 🙂

Here is what he has accomplished so far.

The other project that is occupying his time is building the retaining wall around the steps to the shed.

This is a photo of the shed stairs from a few years ago.

73 The step I fell down 2

I am glad that David is doing the work on them.

 I fell down these steps on November 22, 2011. I think I didn’t quite lift my foot enough over that retaining board in the front. I went down and fell to my knees and caught my side on the side board. It took me a bit to catch my breath before I could get my self back up. David and Nick were both right there neither of them saw me fall. I was able to walk bent over into the house. The pain was terrible and I could not straighten up. So David took me to the emergency room. The doctor checked me over. I had no broken ribs and nothing internal had been ruptured thank goodness. He asked how bad the pain was. I said it was worse than any pain relievers we had at home could handle. So he gave me a script.  I wrapped my ribs and went back to work after missing one day.

                                                                    73a My bruised ribbys day  3 My rib bruise 3 days after fall.

Ok, enough of that.

This is David’s progress on the retaining wall so far.

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