Pretty In Pink

Milly’s New Harness


Do you remember those lanyards I got at the Senior Citizens’ Garage Sale a few weeks back? It is ok if you don’t. Sully mentioned them in one of his blogs,  just a sentence in Sully Saturday # 12. Well I finally used the clips and rings from them to make a cat harness. I finally planned out how to accomplish it in my mind and put it into practice. I think it turned out pretty well. Now I am working on a matching leash for her.

Milly Harness 1 Colored

The short length is the collar part which clips together under her chin.

The long length clips together around her chest behind her front legs.

This places the attaching fabric and leash ring on her back between her shoulder blades.

Milly Harness 2 colored

I used a F/5 – 3.75 mm hook.

The yarn is no label balls of light pink and dark pink.

The light pink is Half Double crochet.

Single crochet for the edging.

Single crochet 2 together for the attaching fabric.

The light pink part is 2 rows of half double crochet of about 9 inches for the collar part and about 12 inches for the chest part. Fasten off and weave in ends. With the dark pink, I folded an end into the clip then put 2 single crocheted for each stitch around the clip. Then along the edge across to the other end where I folded the other end into the other half of the clip, again 2sc in stitches around the clip. I fastened off and weaved in ends. Then I repeated this procedure on the other side of the collar part and the chest part. I then joined yarn at the bottom of the collar part and single crocheted across 10 stitches, chained one turned. I then sc2tog across until I just had 5 stitches. I then joined the key ring. Fasten off and weaved in ends. I joined yarn and attached the longer piece to the short end of the attaching fabric with 2 single crochet in each stitch for the next 5 stitches.Fasten off and weave in ends.

I can now take her out of the shed for walks around the yard. I put it on her yesterday after I finished it. She was cooperative in this task, no wiggling to get away or clawing me to make me stop. I then brought her in to show David what she looked like in it. She did well for this being only the second time she has been in a harness. I put her in Sully’s Jacket harness once to see how she would do in one. She does kind of slink low when she walks in it but at least she moves. Some cats you put a harness on them and they just lay there. So after her modeling session I took her out to have a walk. Well she found a patch of catnip in the grass. Needless to say not much walking was done. She rolled and sniffed in the catnip, so I had to make sure she didn’t tangle up the leash. She had a good time. I did manage to get her away from the catnip and do a bit of walking. She was startled once and took off at a run. She came to the end of the leash it pulled her back in mid jump. She landed safely on her feet and no choking because she was on harness not just a collar. I figure that was enough harness and leash training for her first day so I put her back in the shed.


2 comments on “Pretty In Pink

  1. That’s awesome! If I had a more outdoor cat, I would literally pay you money to make me a harness like that! My cat hates going out. In fact, the harness we bought for her is like an omen because it means travel, and she hates travel – she runs and hides whenever we bring it out lol

    We did, however, make a neat little scratching post for her out of firewood. I might put up a tutorial on that some day, it was a fun project.

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