Sully’s New Crochet Leash



I crocheted this leash so I could take him outside and connect it to the clothes line. He could lay in the grass in the shade, sniff around, and use nature’s scratching post. No, I will not leave him unsupervised. I will be nearby doing yard work, planting my gladiola bulbs, getting the other flower bed ready to sow with carrots. Of course all of these thing will only be accomplished between the 3 days of rain then a couple of nice days weather pattern we find ourselves in. Ok, back to theΒ  leash. πŸ™‚

I used a F/5 – 3.75 mm hook.

The colors: An unlabeled ball of red yarn most likely acrylic 4 ply worsted weight. This is the main color.

The trim was Red Heart Super Saver accent 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0361 Putty.

Stitches: I did a chain 90 inches long.

Two rows of Half Double crochet, fastened off and weaved in ends.

I then joined the Putty yarn about 10 stitches from the end. I worked single crochet toward the end. I then crocheted 2 stitches in the corner placed the key ring along the end and single crocheted through it and the end of the fabric. Placing 2 sc in each stitch along the end. I continued over to the next corner placing two sc in it . Then I continued along the side to the other end. I repeated the process with the hook clip on this end. I crocheted along the other long side to where I began, slip stitched, fastened off and weaved in the ends.

143 Sully's leash 1 colored

Β It being so long I could not lay it out and get the whole thing in a photo.

Well it was nice the other day so I was able to take Sully out to give the new leash a go.Β  He is wearing his red jacket harness, you can barely see him sitting in the shadow of the branches.

Sully clipped to clothes line 1colored

This is a close up of how I attached the leash to the clothes line with the blue clip.

Sully clipped to clothes line 2 colored

7 comments on “Sully’s New Crochet Leash

  1. I like the clothesline leash. Rather than a clothesline, our dogs get tied to a peg that goes in the ground but they get hopelessly tangled. Though they’d probably find a way to get tangled however we tied them up – I think it’s a form of protest.

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  2. First – love the leash! 2nd Why don’t you just let him run? Our monsters get free reign when outside – they come in when I call them. Third watch out for these storms! You are according to the news right in the path?! stay safe!!


    • We use to let him run free and called him in at night. He was pretty good for a few years. Then he started not coming in, staying out all night sometimes two nights in a row with out coming back to the house at all. The last straw was when I saw him one morning on the way to work , he had crossed the county dirt road and was headed for the busy highway. So now he is an indoor cat with outside visits. πŸ™‚ So for it has just been day two of rain and heavy fog. No crazy hard rain or thunder and lightening. Phew!


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