Messin’ With My Menu Bar


If you have noticed I have been messin’ with my menu bar. First I added the tab for Sully Saturdays. I then thought I would put my name in  the  Crochet Items Gallery title as David and Sully have their names in their features. Then I put those 3 things in alphabetical order. The rest I just put in an order that I liked. Well with the new longer titles and the addition, My Trophy Case tab went down to the next row. That looked dumb to me having that one thing on that row. So that is why Trophies is spelled with a “y” so it would fit on the same row as every thing else. 😀






2 comments on “Messin’ With My Menu Bar

    • Thanks! I thought it was time to spruce things up a bit. I also did some improving of the crochet items page itself. I broke it into sections with their own gallery. Now it is easier for me to add new items as I make them. Instead of scrolling through one large gallery to find where I want to place the new item.


What are your thoughts? :D

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