Gardening, Yard Work and Fishing!


When I left you yesterday, I was going to do a “quick” check of

Facebook then get started on gardening/yard work.

That quick check was about an hour. So I got outside around 9:30 am. I also took Sully out with me so he could eat grass and smell the catnip.

I started off by raking the area around the back steps.

2016 Garden41

I then moved on to placing a coffee can in the holes, packed dirt around the cans so there would be a space to transplant the acorn squash. Well I thought I was doing pretty well. David came out and said those look nice, but you need to build a mound in the hole around the coffee can,not flat even with the ground. Dang, I had to do them over.

We only had enough baby acorns to do two of the hill holes. We have some more planted in the house but they have not sprouted yet.

2016 Garden48

David then dug a hole for the butter bush squash behind the close line near the fence.

I again made the mound around the coffee can. David did the transplanting.

We only had enough babies for one hill hole.

2016 Garden49

We then moved over to the east end of the yard to plant the six hill holes there with butternut squash.

Yep, you guessed it I did the mounding and David did the transplanting.

Why change a good system. 😀

After all this transplanting we took a break for some lunch.

David went out back I thought he was just going to clean the fish tank out.

THe metal fish tank.

The metal fish tank.

He just kept on going. He dug out the soil from a spot where a compost pile was. He put that in the wheel barrow. He then dug out the grass at the end of the strawberry patch and transplanted it where he just dug the soil from the old compost pile. He then put the compost soil where he dug out the grass. This is where he plans to put the tomatoes this year. He also placed and buried the boards to keep the grass from spreading back into the tomato spot.

David surveys his work for the day.

2016 Garden57

He also mowed the west end of the yard and back filled around the shed stairs retaining wall.

Well David was busy with that I found a few more little projects to do.

I went ahead and transplanted the Helichysum sprouts into the carrot spot.

After those were planted I scattered some marigold seeds between each helichrysum plant.

Then covered with pine shavings litter and watered.

I also picked up a pile of leaves in the backyard. I raked up sticks on the west end of the yard.

I then called it quits for the day!

2 fish tails feature photo

After all that work yesterday, David said it was time to take our fist fishing jaunt to the ponds.

So today just before noon we went fishing !

David caught the first fish of the season!

I, again this season, am the best at catching bait fish.

I caught 7 bluegill, five will be used as bait.

I released the other two.

Even though we used our umbrellas we both got a bit burnt.

It was probably because the high for today was 90 degrees!

My face is just a bit pink, but my arms are really pink.

We came home around 6:30pm.

David says we will stay home tomorrow and take a break from both gardening and fishing.

We are just cooked.

What are your thoughts? :D

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