A Beautiful Day for Fishing.


We went fishing yesterday. It was a really nice day. A beautiful 70 degrees and a light breeze. We got over to the pond about 3:30 pm. It was a pretty slow day as far as fishing went, so I had time to work on a beanie I am crocheting. David and I both had some pretty good bites on our big game fish poles baited with bluegill or perch for the catfish. David had one really good bite it bent his pole. I got up and was getting the net, when I turned around he had on a sad face.  😦  The fish had gotten off. We called it a day around 8:30 pm.

We did manage to catch some other fish. David caught a nice perch and I caught a nice bluegill both of which were brought home and cleaned. We are slowly getting enough to make a meal of fish, these will go with the catfish and trout David caught last trip.

2016 fishing5

As I sat fishing I noticed something black and white at the water’s edge across the pond from me. I thought it might be some sort of water fowl. I used full zoom on my camera, but I still couldn’t tell what it was. I did realize that it was not an animal as it never moved.

I did get a couple of nice shots of the sunset.

The first is a wide view behind my fishing pole.

The second is a close up of the cool pink and blue clouds.

2016 fishing8

And here is a lovely shot of the bluegill I caught and the perch David caught.

7 comments on “A Beautiful Day for Fishing.

        • How far are you from Jumbo lake or lake Jumbo I don’t know which order it was? I remember going there once as a kid. The only thing I really remember about the trip was my dad catching a baby skunk in the fishing net. He brought it over for every one to see. Mom got a little upset with him and told him to take it back before mommy skunk came to camp looking for the baby. It was so cute!


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