David’s Newest Earth Moving Project


As I said briefly in my previous post David was busy yesterday and also today. He dug out some new hill holes and has been working on taking down the old cucumber hill from last year and leveling it out. He still has a bit to do at the east end(the far end).

2016 Garden69


He also started digging out the east corner of the shed beside the new shed stair retaining wall. The first photo shows the pile of accumulated junk he had to move to begin. The second photo shows some of the junk sorted out in to piles. He also went through an old wood pile and stacked it here so he can use it in his burn barrel for one of his urban prospecting procedures. The black metal box is from an old washer, he is piling small wood chunks in it. The third photo shows the corner of the shed dug out. I bet you are wondering why he is digging it out. Well first he dug out the old wooden board that was acting as a retaining wall for the shed stairs. One day while he was inside the shed he noticed that the corner was rotting out. So he dug it out so he could replace that section, and level it out so the water doesn’t pool there again. He knew when he built the shed below ground level that he would have to replace these sections because of wood rot. They have held up for 9 years so it was time.

The first photo here shows the old board that David removed. The second picture is the new piece of particle board with the new section cut out for the shed wall. The third photo is the new piece in place and David inspecting his work.


2016 Garden71

David being silly with the black roof tar sticky pucky stuff.

David applies a good layer of roof tar to a section of the board with a paint stir stick.

He then will spread it out more evenly and smoothly with the larger blue scraper.


He finished this one up. He will now let it dry.

He plans to back fill it and level it out to make a new garden bed.

He also will be digging the wall around the corner for the same reason, wood rot. It might take him a few days to accomplish this bit of digging.  A few years ago he put a pile of extra dirt from the old hill holes for the squash beside this shed wall and it also has a compost pile on it.

I will keep you updated on his progress.

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