I Might Have Transplanted a Peck of Peppers!

Well I got outside and got busy this morning somewhere after 8:00. I first did the mounding for the 6 new squash hill holes that David had dug yesterday. Then I gathered up a little garden shovel, my gloves, and the wheelbarrow in front of the deck stairs. I went inside and collected the peppers that needed transplanted and placed them in the wheelbarrow. Then I pushed it around back to the spot David had prepared for me.

The Pepper Spot

2016 Garden61

The Pepper Plants

The large pepper plants in a row of five. Coffee cans placed around them for protection. Close up of one inside the coffee can.

2016 Garden66

I got these 15 plants transplanted then came in for a break. It was 9:40 am when I came in. Good progress was made in that hour and a half. The larger plants and the ones in the coffee cans I am not sure which pepper they are. I kinda mixed them around when they were growing inside. The smaller ones are definitely green peppers.

After my break I planted 8 more plants that I knew were green peppers next to where I planted the first 15. These were all just tiny. The just barely had their first set of leaves that were not their sprouting leaves. So they are close to the ground, now so if the wind continues to blow,(yes the wind was a blowin’ while I was a plantin’) they should be ok and not get whipped around. I then moved to the other end of the pepper spot and transplanted the signature sweet peppers that I started from seed from actual peppers. These guys took forever to sprout. They also just barely had their first set of leaves. I planted 8 of them. The arrow in the first photo is pointing to a tiny pepper plant there are 4 in each of the two rows.

I finished and put all my tools away and came in to get breakfast for David and do some house work.

What are your thoughts? :D

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