Mother Nature, Old Man Winter, Jack Frost!

Who is in Charge Around Here?!


One of the newly transplanted acorns.

Do you remember these happy little squash plants?

All transplanted and ready to grow into big beautiful plants that would provide squash for the supper table.

2016 Garden59

This was the sorry site yesterday!

After many days of unseasonably cold, cloudy, windy and wet they all gave up before their time. They were little troopers though. They tried to hang on after the windy days. The cold finally took them.

2016 Garden35

The good thing is that we continued to grow indoors.

David replanted seeds yesterday. He also dug some more hill holes. I will be mounding the new holes later this morning once it warms up a bit. Then David can transplant some of the indoor plants.

It was a good thing David told me to hold off on transplanting my peppers outside. I was going to actually plant them the day before this killer cold snap.

Well hopefully those three I mentioned in my title have figured it out so we can get on with growing a nice healthy garden.

2 comments on “Mother Nature, Old Man Winter, Jack Frost!

  1. Breaks your heart doesn’t it!? The only stuff we have put outside so far is potatoes and onions. Everything else out there is on its own. all of our tomatoes, peppers, melons, cucs are inside the greenhouse yet. Even waiting on corn (which normally goes in mid april), so I hope it makes it??

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