David Was The Better Fisherman Last Night!

Wind or no wind we went a fishin’ last night. We arrived at the pond a bit after 4:00 pm. It was pretty slow so I took up my crochet hook. I finished a granny square for Martin’s afghan and started another one. I decided it was time to check my fishing pole. It was really windy so there was good wave action. I can’t really tell if I am getting bits on windy days. So rather than reeling in my line every 15 minutes I just left it set for a good hour at least. Well any way when I reeled in my line I had two nice little bait size perch( I was using 2 hooks). So those immediately went on the big game poles. I had a good bite about 15 minutes later. I picked up the pole but no further action. I set it back down, 5 minutes later another good bite but no further action once I picked up the pole. I set it back down and let it sit for another 30 minutes. I decided it was time to check my bait, whatever was messing with it earlier had sucked out the perch’s guts and left it at that.

During this time David had caught a nice size bluegill. He released it as he didn’t want to clean it if it was the only thing that we caught. He later had a really nice bite and it was bending his bait fishing pole over pretty good. We knew this was more than a nice size bluegill. When he got the moss-covered fish face up to the surface we both thought he had a catfish. It turned out to be a nice size largemouth bass once he removed the moss. It was only about 12 – 14 inches long, largemouth bass have to be 16 inches to keep, so he was released too. I forgot my sim card for my camera in the laptop at home so I have no photo to post, but we did take a photo with David’s cellphone.

When it got too dark to see the bobbers we put those poles away. I continued to use my big game pole. David got out his smaller catfishing pole and baited it with last year’s frozen beef livers. He was soon getting bites on it. He finally reeled in a nice catfish. I reeled in my pole and had David put some liver on with my perch. I left it out there for a while and got no bites. I decided to reel it in and removed the perch and just have the liver. I did get a small bite that way. Well it was getting on towards 9:00 pm. I was getting tired so I started packing up my stuff and taking it up to BOB. David caught another catfish while I was doing that.

I am sitting in BOB crocheting when David opens the door and  hands in his small catfish pole. I see that it has broken line and no weights or hooks. He goes back down to continue fishing with his big game pole. A half hour later he comes up putting stuff in BOB. He says he is getting tired now too. He has 3 catfish in the bucket. I didn’t get a chance to ask how he broke the line on his small catfish pole I went straight to bed and he has not gotten up yet this morning (well as I look at the clock I see it 3 minutes to noon.) 🙂 I will try to get the scoop when he gets up.

So last nights totals:

Arlene – 2 bait perch

David – 1 nice bluegill, released

1 nice largemouth bass, released

3 nice catfish, brought home for future supper.

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