I Was Skunked,Shut Out, Zero Fish Caught!

I knew it would happen eventually.


David and I went fishing yesterday morning. He viewed the fishing report and it stated the best fishing time would be between 10:42 am and noon. So we had breakfast, loaded up the bait, and were over to the pond by 8:30 ish. We went to the smaller south pond at our favorite spot we call “The slide”. Here is a photo of David fishing there in 2013.

02 dave fishin at the slide

The water is up this year so we were not able to sit down below. We sat up top on the road.

We are all settled in our chairs  and poles in the water. David gets a bite, he reels in a nice largemouth bass but again he is too small to keep. He is released to get bigger. Some time passes. David gets another bite, this time he reels in a nice trout. He is put in the bucket. These were both caught before the peak time given by the fishing report.

We both continue to fish. I am not getting any bites at all so I have gotten out my crocheting to pass the time productively at something. I also take some photos of the neighborhood red-wing blackbird that is flying from tree to tree.


I did go down the bank to fish closer to the water. I was trying to catch some bluegill but they were not biting. I did see several 8 to 12 inch largemouth bass swimming around but they had no interest in my worms. While I was down there off to my left just past the cattails I saw the unmistakable shadowy form of a Northern Pike. He just floated there watching me trying to catch bluegill. He had no interest in my worms either. I asked David if he saw it. He said he did. He decided to try to catch the pike. He took the trout and put it on the big shark pole which has a float on it. So you know when a bigger fish has eaten your live bait fish. Well that pike swam around and circled the trout for a while He even tugged on it once. That was all he did, I guess he wasn’t that hungry or he just got bored. That was the final fish activity of the day.

While David was sitting fishing something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. It was a snake! At first glance he thought it was a rattler because of the diamond shapes on it. Then he saw its tail , no rattles. It was a bull snake. He was at least 4 or 5 feet long and about 2 or 3 inches around. I got this photo of him after I tracked him through the grass. I did have his head in site, but he moved so I just got this body shot.

Oh, by the way I was using the zoom definitely use the zoom. I didn’t want a bull snake made at me!

2016 Critters4

So that was our morning fishing, David didn’t want to stay out past noon. The fish were not biting and he didn’t want to get baked again. I agreed with that. All in all it was not a bad morning. We got out and enjoyed the nice weather, saw a few critters and my crochet hook was more productive than my fish-hook. I finished a beanie for myself. 😀

2 comments on “I Was Skunked,Shut Out, Zero Fish Caught!

  1. 1st – love Davids poney tail, 2nd We have a bull snake residing in our herb, fruit and veggie gardens – every now-and-then I come across it. About as big as yours I think – hee hee – I do the same thing, stop dead and check the tail..its the only way I can tell them apart?!? 3rd, we don’t like to go fishing past about 10am. Seems like all the fish hide for the mid/heat of the day? Most fun I ever had fishing was upper WI about 7pm (summer)…of course I also fell in the water that day from large fish excitement – woo hooo!! Thanx for the fun blog post!

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    • We have been trying some day fishing as it is early in the season yet. I also think those cold spells messed with the fish too. I agree with the night fishing too. That is when we caught most of our big ones last year. Although that small mouth bass was during the day. So we will probably be switching to that pretty soon.

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