Sully Saturdays # 13

Sully saturday banner

Well it is finally summer time. Mom has been taking me outside often now. I enjoy it very much. I like to eat the grass that grows near the steps. One day I ate too much and I puked it up. It smelled nasty so I buried it with some leaf litter from under the steps. Mom said that was gross, but then she saw that I buried it and said I was a good kitty. Another day though I was in the house and puked it up that was gross and I couldn’t bury it so Mom had to clean it up. She was not too upset she just wished I would have done it all in one spot instead of three.

I have decided I like being over in the grassy area. I can claw these two trees (as seen in the feature photo). It is fun. I don’t climb the trees though too big in the tummy for that now.

I surprised Mom one day, she was walking me over to the grassy area. I caught a whiff of something and went running up the drive way! Mom was not used to this. She was laughing at me because I tend to jiggle when I run. I found the spot on the driveway where the smell was coming from, it was kind of a sweet smell. I was rolling in the dirt and even licking it a bit. Mom decided that it was not a good thing for me to be doing because one of the old car thingys that parked there had a leaky radiator. So she dragged me away kicking and a screaming so to speak. She took me  back to the steps so I could eat grass and sniff catnip.

Other than that I tend to spend most days napping. Mom caught me napping one afternoon and decided I needed the blanket. Silly Mom I have fur. I think she did it for the cute photo myself.

What are your thoughts? :D

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