We Have a Killer on The Loose!


2016 Garden114a

The Crime Scene

As you can see the unsub was a clever one. He actually moved the coffee can that was around the victim.

2016 Garden113a

The Victim

The Evidence

Several tracks and prints were left at the scene. These were photographed.

They were run through the “Reader’s Digest North American Wildlife” Book for comparison and identification.

Google was also consulted.

The suspect has been identified as a masked bandit that works well with his hands.


Stock Photo from Shutterstock

The motive for this senseless crime.

Last year’s buried fish carcases which were to provide nutrients for the garden.

One comment on “We Have a Killer on The Loose!

  1. ok HUGE – LMAO on this one Arlene!!! You are lucky you only had a raccoon…using dead fish is great for plants – but can bring around some much bigger unwanted/uninvited guests. Love this story though – cant stop giggling!!

    Liked by 1 person

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