David’s Day

David spent a good part of yesterday doing little jobs here and there around the garden spots.

First thing he did was clean and partially fill the stock tank. I guess he is hoping the fishing gets better and we can start filling it with bait and keeper catfish. Also if we just catch one or two a fishing trip it is easier to put them in the tank until we get enough to make a meal. It is better than cleaning them one or two at a time and having them take up room soaking in the refrigerator for a week or longer.

2016 Garden117a

I then heard the lawnmower running out back.

He mowed around the strawberry, pepper, and tomato patch.

2016 Garden118a

The yellow summer squash and marigold area was mowed around.

He also weeded the dirt pile to the east and then watered it and moved it around in preparation for making new mounds for I believe turnips or parsnips.

2016 Garden119a

He also weeded out this area at then end of the house.

It was taken over by cheat grass. You know, the kind that puts those pokey little seeds in your socks.

He still has a bit left to do there. 2016 Garden120a

The final job of the day as it got toward evening and the sun was not beating down.

He set the nails in this side of the framing for the new storm door.

He scrapped off the extra wood filler.

I snapped this while he was putting on a coat of paint.

He also painted the top piece after I had taken the photo.

2016 Garden121a

So there you have it Dave’s Day.

What are your thoughts? :D

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