Trucks, Police, A Corvette and A Duster

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The green flame truck was spotted in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Chevy Truck Green Flames and Pipes.

It was different and it was green so I took the photo to show my son because he likes green.

This Blue Ford was also in the Wal-Mart Parking lot. Photo taken because “FLAMES”

Blue Ford Truck Silver Flames

I was taking a walk with my daughter, Kay and my grandson, Marty in their neighbor hood when we spied this cool paint job.

American Flag Truck

American Flag Truck

 I was outside the civic center where my mother in-laws birthday celebration was being held.

When I saw this old police car in a hotel parking lot.

This 70’s Red Corvette was also in the parking lot.

I think there was some car show or race event that weekend.

Both cars had racing numbers on their sides.

70's Red Corvette

Back home again.

I see this nice old 70’s Plymouth Duster.

In  the first photo you can see that a cart is pushed up against the door.

A fellow car fan saw this and moved the cart to the corral. He was upset at how lazy and disrespectful some people are. You can see how close the corral was to the car. He also took a few shots of it. 😀

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