Yep, We Live In The Middle of A Horse Pasture.

Our Pasture

The Map of Our Pasture.

Nope, it is not to scale or anything.

It is a very loose representation, but you get the idea. 😀


This is the horse that lives in the pasture, his name is Corky.

He belongs to our landlord. They use to keep him here all year round.

He now only spends the summer and early fall here.

They have another property the keep him at during the winter.

He is a Belgian and I believe he is  30 to 35  years old.

He is retired now. All he does is eat, sleep and poop.

He eats a lot.

Sometimes he sleeps lying down.

It freaks me out when he does this, because he lies on his side with his feet sticking straight out.

I think he has died when he does it.

On occasion he has been seen rolling in the pasture.

Guess were his favorite place to poop is?

As close as he can get to the north fence by our back door.

Which explains the numberous flies that buzz around and find their way into the house.

Capture fly

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