A White Black Widow?

I saw this strange little spider crawling on the swamp cooler yesterday.

Is it a white black widow because it is albino?

Is it white because it just finished molting and has not turned black yet?

Or maybe it is not a black widow at all.

What do you think?

2 comments on “A White Black Widow?

  1. I think you have a baby silver and white banded garden spider – http://spiderzrule.com/banded.htm They grow to be a pretty big size. The one you have (nice close-ups by the way!!) looks very small yet. We do not see ours every year? Not sure if it is a spider thing or if we just don’t look hard enough? One year we had TONS of them everywhere – had to watch where we walked or would end up in a web with a spider on your head (yes, I did it – LOL). They are great bug eaters and can move extremely fast – especially across their web (yep, played with that too – caught hoppers and through them on her web just to watch her cruise, ok to kill the hopper too! LOL)

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