I Caught My First Catfishes of 2016!



It has been over a month since our last fishing trip to the ponds. The yard was mowed, the garden is weeded and watered so there was nothing stopping us from going. It was a beautiful night. It was a little breezy to keep the bugs away. The sliver of moon gave us just enough light until it went down behind the ridge. Crickets were singing. Bats were flying. Fireflies or lightening bugs if you prefer were blinking. Just wonderful. Oh and the catfish were biting. We fished until 2 am then went home took care of the fish and got to bed some time after 3 am.

David out fished me but I enjoyed the night. He had caught 12 fish then I lost track. He caught some bluegill and perch as well as the 3 biggest catfish and one pan sized catfish. He caught several punk catfish that he released so they could get pan sized or bigger. He calls the small catfish punks.

I caught one blue gill and 3  pan size catfish.

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