Classics In The Park July 16, 2016 The Post

I again attended the Classics in the Park Car Show. I changed my Menu Bar and add the photos there, but I thought I would also do a post to give a little more details for some of the entries that were the most interesting or unique to me.


2016 Classics 1929

This was the oldest entry.

He looks pretty good for 87 years.

2016 Classics 2008

Next to him was the newest entry.

He is just 8 years old.

Car design sure has come a long way.

This group was some of the entries that attended last year also.

These two entries were my favorites.

The 1934 Ford Coupe at Number 1, because it is a purple/pink ZZ Top like car.

and the 1957 Bel – Air is number 2 because of its unique color and the flames.

This 1975 VW Beetle and Camper were Unique.

The owner had modified it by moving the engine into the front.

The camper was equipped with a A/C unit and a fireplace.

2016 Classics 1975 VW

These two entries were cars that I had never heard of before.

The 1959 Dodge Custom Royal Lance

and the 1961 Ford Sunliner

This fella was here last year but I didn’t know what he was as they had not placed his info in the window.

I said he was a 55 to 57 Chevy Bel- Air last year.

This year his info was displayed. Boy was I off.

Nobody even corrected me.

I said to do that in the comments last year if I had mislabeled any thing.

2016 Classics 1953

Not all the cars on display were in finished condition.

They were in varying degrees of progress.

This Studebaker had its engine done but the body was just beginning.

2016 Classics 1948

This 1934 Chevy Coupe was pretty close to done.2016 Classics 1934 Chevy

This Chevy Nova was still getting body work done.

The other side still had some paint work to be done.

It had a couple of areas of sanded down primer showing.

2016 Classics 1976 Nova

This vintage firetruck was there. It was not an entry to be judged.

The museum just brought it out to show. I guess you could say it was in a class by itself. 🙂

2016 Classics Fire truck

If you want to see the rest of the entries just hop on over to the CARS tab in the Menu Bar.

What are your thoughts? :D

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