The Day My Camera Died. :(

Sunday morning I went to the shed fed and watered Milly, I then watered the garden. It was a cool morning for a change so I thought I would walk up the county road to the intersection with the highway. I brought my camera  so I could take some photos along the way. There are usually some flowers or other things that are photo worthy. I also remembered that there were some morning glories growing around some sage bushes and they would probably still be open as it was still cool out.

Last photos 1 purple flowers

These purple flowers grow all around in the pasture and along the road.

These were easy to access and were very photogenic.

Last photos 2 silver weeds

I just love when I find a group of these silver frosty weeds that beg me to take their photo.

Last photos 3 Prickly flower and bee

I love these yellow prickly flowers and I got an added bonus with the bee in this shot.

Last photos 4 yellow flowers

This is the final photo I was able to take with my camera.

I got to the sage bushes wrapped in morning glories at the intersection, pushed the on button of my camera. There was a lot of whirring and clicking noises and the lens failed to extend. I looked at the view screen and it showed this message.

Lens error

Camera will automatically shut down.

Restart camera.

Needless to say I tried to restart camera several times and the same thing kept occurring over and over.

I was totally bummed!

I did not get the one shot I set out to get that morning.

When I got home I Googled to see if there was any way to repair the camera myself.

Nope, can’t do it.

I also thought maybe I could send it in somewhere to repair, but shipping plus the work would probably cost as much as the camera did in the first place.

And with my luck for that day it probably would have followed the camera. It would have gotten lost in the mail or got broken again on the way back to me after getting fixed.

So I will probably be getting a new one somewhere in the future.

This was a good little camera, it gave me 4 years of wonderful photos and some videos too.

Until then maybe I will drag out the old Vivitar web cam, put some batteries in it, and see if it still can take a photo.

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