The Farmer In The Dell

Well, I don’t know if this is a dell, but it sounded good for a title.


This is the farmer / rancher that owns the pasture next to the one horse pasture we live in.

While I was out watering one morning, he was out raking his cut hay into rows.

This is done in preparation for baling.

Raking Hay

The next day he began doing just that.

He has just dropped off a bale.

I went out about 45 minutes later and was able to get a bit more of the dropping off a bale process.

Baling drop1

He grows this for the cattle he raises.

He puts the cows in this pasture in the late fall.

Early in the spring he has cows with their calves, but late spring and summer are for growing.

An old photo of one of the cows.

34 Cow

2 comments on “The Farmer In The Dell

  1. Nice story & great pics. I remember when hay baling was a full family job. The little (50-80 lb) bales would come thru the machine, someone on a wagon grabbed and stacked them. A 2nd tractor with wagon was waiting to be swapped out when the current was full. the kids (me, sister and a number of cousins usually) were all up in the mow (pronounced like sound) stacking the bales for the winter – oh, and you never EVER baled green hay!! This would start a fire (seen a few out here but no barn, just in the open)! Thanx for the memory Arlene! Loved it!

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