Sully Saturdays # 14


I really like my outside time. Mom and I have our routine of getting my jacket on and off down pretty good now.

She will ask if I want to go outside. I will run to the front door or jump down out of the big chair by the front door. I sit there patiently while she puts on my jacket. She tells me each step as we go.

Put your feets in the holes. Ok now I will sinche the Velcro around your chest, now the buckle through your collar too, and snap the lead to both loops.

Then I have to wait for her to open the door. I am so excited that I usually forget to step back so the door doesn’t hit me on the nose. Mom opens it slowly just for this reason. Now that I am on the deck I practically drag her down the steps. I just can’t wait to get sniffing my cat nip.

I will be happy just sitting and smelling. Mom goes off to water the garden or some other yard work. I sometimes get bored so she will move me over to the clothes line so I can lay in the grass for a while. Then it is back to the catnip. When she is done with her stuff she will come ask, “Are you ready to go in now, Sully?”

I will then run up the stairs and wait for her to open the door. Once inside I will lay on the floor while she undoes my jacket. She tells me the steps again.

I am unsnapping the leash clip from the loops. Now the black buckle. Ok the Velcro is undone.

The jacket falls off around my feet. Mom says that I can go now it is all undone. Some times she has to give me a little nudge cause I have had a bit much cat nip and I am slow on the uptake. 😛


What are your thoughts? :D

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