Nick’s Minecraft Creeper Throw


I have been working on a new solid granny square blanket. I am again using “How to Crochet a Solid Granny Square For Beginners” YouTube Tutorial Video by Bella CoCo’s pattern for my squares.
It will be more of a throw than a full scale blanket.

I was showing my son the completely sewn together squares of the Jack O’ Lantern blanket when he gets this look on his face. He says you know what you could make me? I look back at him and smile because I think I know. I was right he wanted me to make him a Minecraft Creeper Blanket.

So we discussed it for a bit and decided to only use three colors even though the creeper has several shades of green in it to make it look pixely. I will be using Glowworm for most of it. Paddy green for part of its mouth and eyes, and black also for part of the mouth and eyes. We also decided that the throw would look better with smaller squares of 4 inches rather than the 6 inch squares like the Jack O’ Lantern blanket.

We found some graph paper and he drew out the pattern for me. 13d Nick's Minecraft Creeper Throw

I started with the eyes. After I finished this part I decided to do all the squares then put them together in rows.

It will make it easier I realized after doing this much.

3 comments on “Nick’s Minecraft Creeper Throw

  1. Ok Arlene – couple of questions – 1) how old is your grandson? mine is 7 (soon to be 8) and the LIVES for Minecraft..i’m just not so sure its a good thing?? Whats your take on it? 2) How big is the throw? 3) how long did it take to make it?


    • I started the creeper throw in late July. It is not finished yet these are Work In Progress photos. I try to do 2 or 3 squares while I watch dvd’s before bed. It should be a 28 by 28 inch square after they are all sewn together. Then I will add an edge so that will make it a little bigger. I think Minecraft is ok for your 7 nearly 8 year old grandson. You dig your mine get blocks to build your village. You have to know all the different things that you can combine to make new things. You protect your mine and village from zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers. When you destroy them there is not a lot of real looking blood and gore. It is just smaller blocks. I tried to play it once with my 23 year old son. We both about died laughing at how awful I played. 🙂
      My grandson is 9 months old. The creeper blanket is for my 23 year old son. LOL


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