Going Through The People I Follow List


My list had just over 250 people I follow. I am checking each one. Some of them have not posted anywhere from 2 months to 2 years ago. Others have let their domain expire or deleted the site themselves.

I think it is time to do some unfollowing of these non-functioning and forgotten blogs.

If they have not posted at all this year I think it is time to let them go also.

Update and tidy things up a bit.

8 comments on “Going Through The People I Follow List

  1. I never let my list get near that long (or I’d never keep up on reading). I have a handful of bloggers who’ve been dormant on my follower list as well, but the way I see it…. if they aren’t posting, there’s no harm in leaving them there. You never know when someone you used to like might return…

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    • When I first started this blog I was in the “Oh, they followed me I better follow them back or they will get mad. ” mentality. I did this even if I did not necessarily like what there blog was about. Now I check them out better. I thank them for their follow or like, read at least one of their post, like it or not, comment or not and move on. If they impressed me then I will follow. πŸ™‚

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