I Finished!

It only took me 5 days. I got my People I Visit list tidied up. I went from following 251 people down to 159. I think this is a more manageable number for now. I removed a lot of blogs that were deleted by the authors and a few that had not posted any thing for 2 years. Speaking of the ones that have not posted in 2 years, the most recent article was the one I read that made me want to follow it in the first place. I felt like, Oh I like that article and followed and they never wrote again. What is up with that? lol

I will be honest some of the blogs I unfollowed because they were some that I just followed because they followed me when I first started out. I didn’t really read more than one of their posts. I also removed ones that no longer held my interest as they had change what they were posting or  my interests have changed. Some I removed because they changed from actually written stuff to a bunch of videos, GIFs and links. Some I just found annoying in some form or another.

I am happy with the results. Today I actually had blogs show up on my reader that I actually did not have to scroll through 5 pages to find them.

I am followed by 213 people, one of those is actually my other site, Skrappy Skarves so really 212 followers.

I follow 70 of those followers. So I think that is a pretty good ratio of mutual following.

I also checked on some of these followers and again some people have not posted since they started following me 2 years ago. Some are defunct domains up for sale. There are also those blogs that are nothing but ads and links. I don’t care for those that is the reason I didn’t follow those back.

I clicked on one that was just this ad. Now this one could have been an actual blog 2 years ago, but now, huh?

FREE! Discover My Shortcut To Over $10,000 Per Month!

(Yes It’s for Real, Pay Very Close Attention on the Next Page!)

Hurry, Expires: August 20, 2016

I have also come across this message a few times:

Nothing Found  It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

I am also being followed by a bed and breakfast in New Zealand, a real estate firm that has not posted since July 2015, and a home interiors blog which has not posted since January.

4 comments on “I Finished!

  1. A lot of any blogger’s “followers” are going to be blogs set up for businesses that are just trolling for clients. Every once in a while, one of them will even leave a generic comment on a recent post of mine that serves as nothing but an extra visible link to their business’ blog. I usually conveniently “forget” to approve those… I’m not going to be an unsuspecting middleman for anyone’s operation!

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    • I didn’t even think of that reason. I just find them annoying. Also I think more than one individual usually has admin. access to those “Business sites”. I have clicked on a like or comment from a person and it takes me to a business.


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