Oh, Boo Hoo!


Yesterday I got up (well of course I got up) went out to the kitchen, turned on the laptop, fed the cat and started the dishes. It was time for a break from the dishes, so I could get my web pages loaded up.

The laptop screen was black, the lights were on but no one was home sorta deal. I thought maybe the battery had totally been used up. The place where the power cord plugs in is a bit touchy so I fiddled with that until the little lightening bolt icon light came on. It stayed on for about 20 minutes then went out again. It didn’t even shut itself off after sitting idle doing nothing. My son tried the windows shut down if you can’t see the screen trick, push the windows button, over to the right arrow button and enter. That did not shut it off either. The fan did kick on and off. My son even tried hooking a monitor to it still nothing. So we just shut it off by pushing the power button.

This did not really surprise me that it finally broke down for good. It has had issues after about two months. We bought it through the local computer store. They had to order it online. They checked it out when it arrived and said it was good to go. First thing it did it would shut down before you even started doing things. Then the finger mouse pad quit working. My daughter mentioned that she had a friend that did computer repairs in his own time. He found that one of the ram cards was fried. He removed it. When we ordered the laptop we wanted 3G of ram so we could play games on it. We could still play games but they were slow and caused the laptop to over heat and shut down. He was unable to fix the finger mouse pad. As I said before the power cord plug-in slot was touchy, you had to have it just in the right spot for it to register and start charging.

The whole point of having ordered it through a local was that I thought they would open it up and make sure everything was still connected and had not been damaged during shipping. If it was they could fix it then and there. That is what they do as a business, fix computers. Well I don’t think they did this at all. I think they just started it up made sure windows ran, could connect to the internet, and called it good. You ask why we didn’t take it back right away? Well if they didn’t get it right the first time they probably wouldn’t this time. And I don’t think there was any warranty and if there was it probably was expired. You know nothing goes wrong until the warranty runs out. πŸ˜›

When David got up we told him all about it and what things we had tried. He was going to town so he said he would ask our daughter if we could borrow her laptop until we get the funds together for a new one.

So this is her laptop I am using this morning. I really appreciate her letting us use it. I am not used to it though. On her laptop the finger mousepad actually works. I didn’t mind that ours didn’t work though it saved me not worrying about bumping it when I typed. I just have to make sure to keep my wrists off to the sides. I know that it can be turned off, but this is her laptop and I don’t want to be messing with any of her settings. πŸ™‚

I hope we get a new laptop or desktop within a month or so. It will be fun (not ) going through and remembering how I had my settings set and where to find the places to do them will be my biggest challenge. Oh, about the settings, I am not able to view my likes and comments directly on WordPress because of my daughters settings. I will have to check them through my email, so don’t freak out if I don’t get back to you right away for a while. Lol πŸ˜€

I guess I am lucky to even be able to share this with you all.



3 comments on “Oh, Boo Hoo!

  1. My laptop is still working, but my microwave, vacuum cleaner, car and washing machine broke.out of the blue. I have to admit the washing machine was a bit old. But anyway, I replaced it this month. Was without it the entire winter. But like you say we still have things to be thankful for! Hope you get a new laptop soon! X

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