Plan B


We had been fishing for some time this day. We each had a couple of small bites, but no takers just a couple of quick tugs then nothing.

It was after dark, when David finally got a good bite on his Big Game pole baited with a small perch. I got up from my lawn chair to be ready with the net. David feels a good tug then pulls back and sets the hook. The fish makes a run for it, the line plays out with that wonderful zzt zzzt zzzzt sound. David pulls back and reels in the slack then everything comes to a halt. The fish has manage to snag himself in the weeds, tree limb, or other debris. He continues to pull but the fish is not budging. So he grabs the line its self and pulls on it… SNAP the line breaks. We are both bummed, but as I turn to return to my chair I see my pole tip is bent over and the butt is lifting off the ground. I grab it up and start reeling. There is a bit of a fight, but then it reels in easily. It seems pretty heavy, and not coming in at a proper angle. I finally get it up to the bank. The fish is wrapped up in my line and David’s busted line,weight and the hooks are in the fish’s lip and his front fin. We both look at each other and laugh. David hooked it but I reeled it in.

When the fish went on his run he went through my line. Usually when either of us hook a big one we will reel in the other poles. I was so excited about him finally hooking something I forgot this time. (Yep,fishing for the big fish has been slow this season.) We decided to call this new method of fishing Plan B. 🙂


What are your thoughts? :D

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