David’s Catfish


My daughter Kay, son-in-law Justin, and grandson Martin, had just stopped by the ponds to see how things were going. Then we hear David’s bell ringing like crazy. He is hollering for someone to bring the net. I take it over to the edge of the bank but it is to steep for me to get down fast enough to be of any help. So Kay gets down and I pass the net to her. She puts the net in the water sideways. David tells her to lay it flat on the bottom,  he is able to drag the fish over the net, and Kay scoops it up! Yippee team effort. David gets the fish up to BOB’s cabin door, he is trying to remove the treble hook, he asks for the needle nose pliers. I am about to hand them to him, when he says never mind the hook just fell out. The fish was only snagged behind his front fin. Good thing they got him in the net or he could have been the one that got away!

I briefly mention it in my poem, you can view the poem here.



What are your thoughts? :D

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