Martin’s Stuffed Toy Horse’s Scarf


I was called upon by my daughter Kay, to use my little bit of sewing skills to perform neck surgery on one of Martin’s stuffed animals. He got this little horse at the Parade of Lights from the kids with the 4H float. He really likes it, so Kay wanted me to sew the hole that was in the horse’s neck.


My son, Nick came into my bedroom to see what I was doing. I was working on another cat cowl that would be for one of Kay’s cats. Nick asked if I had done the surgery on the horse yet. I said no. He then says to me, if I don’t have a color thread that quite matches I could make the horse a little scarf to cover up his neck surgery “scar”. I thought that was a super idea. So I set the cat cowl aside, proceeded to perform neck surgery, and then whipped up the scarf to cover the “scar”.

I think I did ok with the neck surgery. You can see the black thread sutchers a little bit.



I whipped up this little slotted scarf. The black is sport weight yarn and the pinkish red is wool fingering yarn. I used a E/4 – 3.50 mm hook. I added some fringe for the finishing touch.


The horse is quite the photogenic little fellow. He loves his new scarf.15c-martins-horse-scarf


What are your thoughts? :D

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