Christmas Cowls for the Kitties

It is that time a year, I have to make the kitties look festive.

2 comments on “Christmas Cowls for the Kitties

  1. I don’t know.I guess I just have good kitties. Sully has always worn a collar for his tags. Although when he was an indoor/outdoor cat he did mange to get it off. I think that was because we made sure he had those break away collars so if it got caught on something. He lost it once and my son found it in the field the next summer. lol
    Now he stays in so I just make him kitty cowls so he be stylin’. They do eventually get to looking like a fuzzy mane because they scratch at them. Little Kitty I started her with a vest like one that had straps that went around her legs. So now she is use to something around her neck. We also have a kitty that lives inside the shed and under the trailer. Her name is Milly. I don’t put one on her because she might get it caught on something under the house. She is in the house now for this cold spell but I have not made her one yet. You can read her story here


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