A Couple of Warm Beanies

I had made one of each of these beanies for Martin. I had also made myself the heart beanie. They are front post double crochet which makes them very warm. I have made several different hats for Kay (my daughter) and Justin (my son-in-law) but with these super cold days this winter they both wanted […]

via Graph Beanies for My Daughter and Son-in-Law — Skrappy Skarves

5 comments on “A Couple of Warm Beanies

    • Yep we sure did! This week I think we will need to bust out the sun hats and visors. It was 73 degrees for a high yesterday! :O But we will probably need the warm hats again for the spring/Easter blizzard we will get for having all this nice temps in February!

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  1. I liked making all of them once I figured out that front post double crochet. I like these patterns because the hats are so warm without having to use two strands held together or bulky yarn. I am not a big fan of bulky yarn. I don’t know it just doesn’t feel right in my hands. lol

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