Did You Know You Could Post A Photo In Your Comments?

And Here Is How You Do It!


I have been blogging for a little over a year now. While reading other blogs and the comments, once in a great while I come across a comment with a photo in it. I thought that is neat, but how do they do it? I, myself have often wanted to post a photo with my comment. It would help get my point across better. Also with crocheting I could post a photo with my comment to show how I did a pattern. I also find I have photos that would go along with the person’s topic of the post that I would like to share with them, but not want to refer them back to one of my post from the far past just to see the photo. So being able to just share the photo in a comment would be so handy, don’t you think?

I thought about it every now and then, at first I thought maybe it was something you could only do with a premium(paid) account. Then a week or so ago it finally hit me! WordPress assigns every photo you upload to your Media Library an URL. You just need to copy/ paste that URL into your comment!

I gave it ago the other day in two comments I posted. The first one I just posted one URL, it worked! The next comment I wanted to share two photos. So I posted both URL ‘s in the comment. Only one of them showed up as the photo, the other was just a clickable link to the photo. So I guess it is one photo per comment. So now I would like to share with you how to find and post your photos to your future comments. 🙂

Ok, so you are reading a blog and you are going to post a comment. You think to yourself I have a photo that would go great with my comment. First step you do is open up your own blog’s admin/dashboard in another window or tab. On the left side you will see the list for all the various things on your dashboard. You want to go to the Media Library as shown here by the red arrow.




step-4-how-to-photo-commentThat will take you to all your media photos. Find the one you would like to add to your comment. Hover over it with mouse pointer and left click. Oops, do you see the typo in the photo caption above? Hoover lol I should proofread my captions better when I use paintbrush.


This will take you to the photo’s Attachment Details box.








Now go back to the tab or window that has the blog you want to comment on.

Type in your comment, then right click, this drop-down box will appear.

Hover your mouse pointer over the word Paste then click the right mouse button.


The URL will look like this. Then you can click the Post Comment Button. After you have pushed the Post Comment the actual photo should appear, but if the person’s blog post is set to mediate comments, the photo will appear after they approve your comment. Until they do so it will remain the URL link.

And that my friends is all there is to it! I hope you found this post helpful. Now you can photo bomb your comments. 😀

13 comments on “Did You Know You Could Post A Photo In Your Comments?

  1. This is something that only became possible about two or three years ago… I know it couldn’t be done when I started out in 2012. It also works for embedding YouTube videos in comments. There are a couple caveats, though….

    1. I believe Akismet’s threshold for automatically sending a comment even from a preferred commenter to moderation is two links… so if you post two photos, you’ll have to hope the blogger notices they have a comment in moderation for it to show up to everyone.

    2. If a blogger is answering their comments through the notifications button in the top right corner (the one that used to glow orange, but now just has an orange dot), they won’t be able to see the photos from there…. only if they are viewing the comment on the blog’s actual page. I used a picture for comedic effect in a comment once that the recipient missed entirely since they only answered comments via the notifications widget. So it helps to point out sometimes you have embedded a photo…

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